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  • Тема Newspapers - Английский язык

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    Тема Newspapers

    Until very recently, it was appropriate to say that a newspaper is a regularly issued, geographically limited medium printed on unbound newsprint, which serves the general interests of a specific community with news, comment, features, photographs, and advertising.

    The definition has nothing to do with frequency of publication, size, or format. Today the physical characteristics of the newspaper remain as described, but the recent satellite-aided and Internet-aided distribution of printed media from scattered production centers to nation or even global audiences, causes to reconsider the traditional "local nature" of the newspaper.

    Newspapers can vary as widely as the multiple editions of the economically plagued New York Daily News, whose 1.3 million copies per day are read by some four million people, to economically secure monthly newspapers serving only a few hundred residents of small American communities.

    When movable type was invented in the 1450s by Gutenberg (Johannes GENSFLEISH 1400 - 1468), it was first used to print books. It was not until 150 years later that printers in England began distributing tracts, or pamphlets, containing topical news. By 1621, corantos, single-sheet tracts dealing with current foreign affairs, were common. Corantos were followed in 1641 by diurnals, four-page bulletins of local news.

    Print was becoming available to wider audiences. Produced in days and sometimes in hours for only a few pennies, the print media's scope was expanding, bringing print to whole new audiences in terms of cost and interest.

    These new print media offered a more immediate, although cursory, overview of contemporary events at a much cheaper cost than a book, though admittedly sacrificing the elegance, permanence and ... остальная часть текста, формулы, таблицы, изображения скрыты

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